One Stop Bridal

Hire wedding vendors in Missoula, MT through our bridal shop

After you find your dream wedding dress at Last Best Bridal Shop, why not book your wedding vendors, too? Our one stop bridal shop has nearly 15,000 square feet of dresses, flowers, cakes, and more! Grown from Adair Jewelers, into a full service bridal mall, we have you covered! Our Missoula, MT bridal shop has a variety of in-house wedding vendors to help make your wedding day go smoothly.

Our bridal services make it easy for you to keep track of your wedding vendors. You can trust that the vendors you book through us will be reliable and provide outstanding services. Talk to us about your needs today. 

What kind of wedding vendors do you need?

We offer many of the essential Missoula, MT wedding vendors you’ll need for your wedding, including:

Photographers | Florists | Bakers

Our experts will match you with vendors who can perform the services you have in mind. Coordinate your vendors through our bridal shop to take advantage of our connections. Call us now at 406-926-2636 to get started.