1st Anniversary

Well it's been a year.  A wonderful, crazy extraordinary year.  I never realized how emotional, and magical a dress can be.  Some would say I'm stoic,  maybe even rigid.  I opened what I believed could be something special.  You purchase inventory,  create a pleasant atmosphere,  interesting advertising,  offer originality and hire educated hard working employees.  You're bound to succeed.   Business to me has always been a science.  I did everything the books, and professionals told me to do.  I opened my doors and welcomed the clients.  I expected to do well.

My very first bride,  was a tiny little thing,  that bought this exquisite silk and lace form fitting gown.  I asked about her shoes, what she might wear.  She stated rubber boots with cows.  I was floored.    What I expected,  was lace or satin, bling and heels.  She came into her first fitting, with adorable rubber boots,  with cute white cows.  She lifted her dress to show me,  and everything I was prepared for in bridal, quietly slipped out the door.

With each new bride,  I began to see that we were being invited into personal moments,  helping to build  dreams.  When a woman looks into that large mirror and sees her future,  it's an awesome sight.  Some brides cry, some mothers cry,  and nearly always the father is ruggedly emotional.   We as stylists, and as wedding planners,  get to literally see,  happily ever after unfold.  I did not expect this.

Life is beautiful,  and full of magical moments.  The Last Best Bridal Shop,  has opened my eyes, and my heart.