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"I wish I would have started by dress shopping adventure with Last Best Bridal. The experience I had with the ladies there was one that cannot be beat! I had been to Rococo, Velvet Bride, and even Davids Bridal in Spokane, and none of those had dresses that were even close to what I was looking for. The atmosphere at Last Best Bridal is like no other, I truly felt like family while I was there. I brought them a photo of a dress that I was in love with, and they picked a few for me that were similar and sent me around the store to pick a few more that I was interested in. I had my own private dressing room, and I didn't have to make an appointment a month ahead of time. In fact, I didn't make an appointment at all.

My party and I were warmly welcomed as we entered the store. we were offered drinks, snacks, told about how the store and its dresses were arranged. Not once did I feel like I was being pressured to make a decision. After trying on only 3 dresses, my stylist even checked with me to make sure I wasn't feeling overwhelmed. And when I did finally find the dress of my dream, they checked to see if it was comfortable to sit down in, which no one had ever done for me. They allowed my sister to then try on bridesmaid dresses so that I could see other styles with my dress. And when it was all said and done, they weren't even pushy about purchasing the dress that day. They told us the price, and even wrote down the style and information about my dress for me.The whole day was absolutely pressure free. No one was trying to sell me on something I didn't want, or put me into a style I wasn't interested in. And they did a great job making sure my party was taken care of as well." - Nicole G.

Alonda P.

There are simply not enough good things to be said about this place. The people here (Sierra, Brandy, and Jim helped us) are the embodiment of kindness. My mom and I made an appointment to shop for my wedding dress, and from start to finish, felt overwhelmed by their caring, compassionate, selfless service. Brandy was a top notch professional in helping me make this huge decision for my big day. Her advice and guidance was just right and so helpful. When we left our hearts were full and we couldn't stop smiling! If you've envisioned a grand day shopping for your wedding dress, this place provided the dream. I urge you not to make a decision until you've come in here! They have a beautiful selection and the experience as a whole was unforgettable. We couldn't thank them enough for all they did for us. I said yes to the dress and I'm so proud to support their business. Thank you again

Stephanie G.

Brandy and the staff at The Last Best Bridal Shop have a mission, and that is to find you the perfect dress, and ring for your big day. Getting married, having a wedding, and finding the dream dress can be VERY overwhelming! Brandy made me feel comfortable right away, she was patient, and diligent in helping me turn my thoughts, and visions into reality. You can tell she is very passionate, and truly wants to help with finding you the dress that will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.The staff here literally made my family and I feel like royalty from the moment we walked in. I found my dream dress, and had a beautiful experience doing so. I HIGHLY recommend The Last Best Bridal Shop, and if you're not in Montana, like myself.. I suggest you take a road trip and stop by, you'll be grateful you did! I can go on and on about this place, but you'll just have to find out for yourself! ;) Thank you Brandy from the bottom of my heart, for all you did!

Taylor B.

Missoula, MT

I wish I could give more than 5 stars to this place. It was an AMAZING experience for not only me, but the crew I had with me when picking out my dress. I cannot flaunt enough how wonderful, and helpful they were. I will ALWAYS recommend people to come here.

Anna D.

Missoula, MT

Every moment being in this shop and working with Carol was a dream! My entire entourage was treated so wonderfully and I felt incredible in everything Carol put me in! She was so sweet and so sincere. I went to several other shops in both Missoula and the Flathead Valley and she was by far the most helpful. Not only was she extremely genuine but she clipped and tightened all the dresses expertly to make them exactly fit me and not one other stylist did it nearly as well or helped me with my vision as much as she did. I can't stress enough how much fun it was to shop there! I would tell anyone and everyone to go here to have the entire experience of being a bride and having your entourage cared for! Thank you so much to all the staff there for helping me look!!

Beth F.

Missoula, MT

A treasure in the treasure state! The entire experience was truly amazing. For a father/mother/daughter team preferring a bike ride to dress shopping Last Best Bridal made the day truly special for all of us. The store is beautifully laid out - gowns are well displayed, staff professional, amazingly attentive and patient offering advice and options. They allowed plenty of time to whirl and twirl with each dress - we had no pressure and by the end of the day feel as if we had made new friends! I agree with another reviewer in that these ladies deserve more than the five stars.

Tayler C.

Missoula, MT

I went to find my dress and these wonderful ladies made me feel like I was true royalty!! I have never seen or known service like these ladies provided- this was such an amazing experience! These wonderful women were so accommodating, helping me find my dress. I didn't feel any pressure to buy but only encouragement and excellent advice on all things wedding related. I am so glad that I went here to find my dress! Special shout out to Amanda! Thank you!

KaryAnn N.

Missoula, MT

I am so grateful that I stopped by the Last Best Bridal Shop before resorting to Spokane. Carol was absolutely wonderful and accommodating. I was unsure of what I wanted, but after selecting multiple dresses and patiently dealing with my anxieties, Carol chose a gorgeous ballroom gown that I absolutely loved. And Jillian helped in so many ways by keeping my champagne glass full and offering additional perspective on my dress. I'm beyond grateful for their help.

Jen A.

Missoula, MT

As the mother of the bride, I absolutely love this place! My daughter was listened to and they did all that they could to help us find the right dress, and they respected our budget. They're shop is gorgeous and a blend of Montana and modern. The dresses are hanging outside of bags so you can touch them all. The staff were supper helpful. Absolutely the best experience!!!!! They served us Amazing danishes from a local bakery, coffee, latte, hot cocoa, Chi tea, water... We had fun too!

Rebecca C.

Missoula, MT

Very professional but yet very friendly and also helps you out in every way possible they can. Can't wait for the day I get to wear my beautiful wedding dress they helped me find! Highly recommended and also treats ya like family.

BriAnna A.

Missoula, MT

This shop will take your breathe away!!! The girls were so helpful & made this experience one I'll never forget. It was like a dream... what every brides experience should be!! Love love love!!!!

Olivia M.

Missoula, MT

Chivalry is not dead and neither is customer service! Last best bridal was an amazing Experiance to say the least. Even my 5 year old daughter had a great time. I would reccomend this place to anyone who wants to find the perfect dress and feel like a princess in the process. Thank you Brandy for exceeding any expectations I had when it came to dress shopping.

Wendy W.

Missoula, Mt

It is a beautiful shop, with wonderful Women working there. They were very helpful, supportive in every aspect of picking out the perfect dress. I highly recommend them. Thank you Brandy for all your personal help. And all your lovely girls who work there.

Rachel H.

Missoula, MT

Wonderful ladies helping you out and such beautiful dresses to choose from. They go out of there way to make your dress the way you want even if your not a bride. Would recommend highly.

Katrina L.

Missoula, MT

Friendly, helpful service. Tasty snacks and beverages. Absolutely gorgeous dresses! I wish this store was here when I was wedding dress shopping!

Caitlin H.

Whitefish, MT

I can't express how much these ladies made me feel like family. They made us as comfortable as possible, fed us, kept our drinks full, and smiles on our faces. Best experience ever!! Blew everyone else out of the water!! I would recommend this beautiful shop to anyone and everyone.

Sherry C.

Missoula, MT

If you know someone getting hitched! Make sure she stops here to find her dress! great atmosphere.. Cleaned my rings, snacks and wine, comfortable setting, beautiful inside, very spacious. Loved, loved, loved it here! By the way, I was the mother of the bride.

Angela S.

Missoula, MT

This is by far the best bridal shop in Missoula (and surrounding areas)! My friends and I visited a couple other places in town first and were pretty disappointed by the service and selections, so when we got here, and were warmly welcomed into the store with all the different styles, we were floored! I wish this place had been in my city when I got married! They have a lot of different styles and the cool thing is, they're all on mannequins rather than just hung on a rack, so you already have a good idea of what they'll look like on. My friend (the bride) wasn't a fan of too many sequins, and when we just mentioned it too the lady helping us, she said it was no issue to take them off, and anything my friend wanted to have in a dress, they could find a way to do it! So helpful!

This is what really floored us all. We had just had an awful experience at another boutique in town, so when we got here and were treated so kindly, we were amazed. We didn't know you had to have an appointment and we came in an hour before close (we were from out of town and this was our last option to look at). The first lady we saw said it was no problem at all that we didn't have an appointment and to come in and "would you like mimosas or wine or chai tea with your snacks - What?? AMAZING service and hospitality. And it wasn't just her - the whole staff had this same great attitude of helpfulness. We were then ushered to an incredible area of couches and comfy chairs around the bridal mirror and they brought us the snacks and drinks. As my friend tried on dresses, they assisted her and were helpful and responsive to her likes and dislikes - not pushy at all. Toward the end as my friend was making her decision, they gave us space for her to talk with just her friends about what she liked and what her final choice would be. They were an amazing balance of "there for your every need and want" but not hovering or pushy. Other businesses should come here to see what amazing customer service looks like. My friend ended up finding her perfect dress here!

Katie D.

Missoula, MT

If I could give these ladies more than 5 stars, I would!! For someone who hates shopping, especially dress shopping, they made me want to dress shop everyday because of the fun atmosphere! I was ready to buy a dress online and my sister talked me in to doing some dress shopping while we were in Missoula. They blew the other shops out of the water. When we walked in and they had on jeans and boots, I knew we were in the right place. They had a huge selection of beautiful dresses and were so helpful.

They made the experience pressure free and made us feel like family. They kept my sister full with strawberries and other snacks. Made sure we had drinks and they even took my fiancé upstairs and gave him beer and kept him occupied while we shopped. They cleaned my engagement ring and helped us find my fiances ring. Truly the best experience and highly recommend to anyone looking for a dress, ring, groomsmen clothes, flower girl or bridesmaid dresses! They have everything under one roof in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Thank you Last Best Bridal!!!!

Katherine P.

Missoula, MT

What a truly wonderful experience. Candy and Carol made us feel absolutely comfortable and were extremely helpful and patient as I searched for my dress. My party was comfortable eating strawberries and muffins while waiting for each new dress, and they made sure we had coffee, water and offered us wine. The dress selection was fantastic. From the moment we got there we were greeted by a very nice man opening the door for us, until the moment we left, we felt special.

Chelcey C.

Missoula, MT

I didn't think places like this were real!!Everyone was so awesome! Everybody worked so hard to make every second special for the entire group. So many special touches that made this experience the best for my sisters day!! Beautiful dresses that were quality and affordable. Every bride needs to go here!! We were there passed closing and not once did they make us feel rushed. THANK YOU!!

Kristi S.

Missoula, MT

Such an amazing experience! Everyone was so kind and helpful, we were greeted with delicious snacks and wine, comfortable chairs and amazing service. Amanda was seriously the best! She listened to what I wanted and pulled out the most perfect dress! The room was open, bright and I loved being able to see all the dresses out and displayed so nicely. Thank you for helping me find my perfect dress!

Brianna P.

Missoula, MT

Went to 8 different stores before I came across the perfect dress here! The ladies were so amazing and accommodating. Great selection, great prices, and so much fun. They really give you the whole "Say Yes to the Dress" feeling with drinks, snacks, adorable signs, everything! I couldn't recommend this store enough!

Emma C.

Missoula, MT

I had such a wonderful experience at the last best bridal shop! Brandy and Carol made it such a magical moment for me that far exceeded what I could have ever hoped for I highly recommend Last Best Bridal Shop to anyone!

Kelsie B.


Incredibly welcoming staff, great experience with finding the perfect dress. We went to several other stores in Missoula first and had either no luck, or a bad experience with the employees. As a "last resort" before heading home (2 hours away!) we went to Last Best Bridal, and they accommodated for us gladly, even with not having an appointment because of our situation. They welcomed us joyfully, had a great seating area for the bridal party, and also offered strawberries, muffins, brownies, and drinks! Would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for both a beautiful dress in a doable price range, and a great experience picking out a gown with your friends!

Rut S.

Missoula, MT

Of the three bridal shops there are in Missoula, this one is no doubt the best one. As soon as we walked in, they made us feel super welcomed, they offered us drinks and snacks and treated us incredible. And even though I wasn't sure I was gonna find my dress, because they are so flexible with arrangements in their dresses, I was able to find my dress and I'm super happy about my decision. I definitely recommend it to any bride that's not sure where to get her dress, this place is not going to disappoint

Anna S.

Missoula, MT

I would give this store more than 5 stars if possible. Just simply setting foot into this store, you can immediately tell that they value people AND the experience of selecting a dress. If this store had a mantra, I would say it would be "Whatever you want, we can make it happen". I went with some friends (one of whom is the bride) and the whole drive home, we could not stop raving about our overall experience at this store. Something that was incredibly "standout" to me as well, is that the owner approached us personally and wanted to know our feedback and how they could better serve each individual that comes into their store. I love the humility, hospitality, and kindness that we were extended from all of the staff. This truly is, the Last Best Bridal Shop!

Amanda H.

Missoula, MT

I loved the atmosphere here. The staff was super friendly and treated us really well. They have a great selection of styles and are very helpful in finding what you are looking for! Absolutely nothing but positive things to say about this place. Highly recommended!

Brandy G.

Missoula, MT

The shop is beautiful and really a magical place to shop. The girls there are amazing and want you to be happy and feel comfortable in whatever you wear. If you make an appointment to go in and try on dresses they bring you a yummy good tray and offer several complimentary drink options. The dresses are beautiful and wonderfully made. Highly recommend!!

Heather J.

Missoula, MT

I honestly couldn't say enough nice things about this place. I never imagined this day to be as perfect as it was. They truly make you feel like it's all about you. Every last detail is perfect. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you guys so so so much for making today as amazing as it was and for helping me pick the most beautiful, perfect dress. You guys are incredible.

Bryenna K.

Missoula, MT

I LOVED coming here to shop for my sister's dress. The ladies were so nice and accommodating. The whole experience was an absolute blast and my sister said yes to the dress! I then decided to come back and go through them to order my bridesmaid dress. Once again, it was such a lovely experience, so I brought our other sister to get hers there as well.
I really wish I had more reason to come back and shop here again. I'm sure something will come up, (my own big day maybe?), and I'll be back so quick!

Alexandra M.

Missoula, MT

Brandi and Courtney were incredible. We strolled in on a Saturday afternoon, without an appointment, and they made us feel so welcome. Their attention to detail was unsurpassable and it was an honor to be able share the experience with them.

Janet M.

Missoula, MT

What a surprise to have in Missoula!! It is so beautiful. The ladies who helped me were so much fun and made me feel incredibly special. Plus, I found the most perfect dress! They brought out a lovely meat, cheese, chocolate dipped strawberries tray with wine! Gave me a huge bouquet of lively flowers!!

Trisha C.

Missoula, MT

Please. Go. Here. First.

You will not want to go dress shopping anywhere else! These people are so fantastic and just make this moment so special! They really help you decide what suits you best and what you feel absolutely stunning in. I could not have asked for any better! All different types of dresses! Simple ones, to all out ones, and even jumpsuit styles and two pieces! All different types of prices too for different budgets! Thank you so much to Last Best Bridal Shop and to Candi! I will not ever forget it this!

Rachel C.

Missoula, MT

I literally NEVER leave reviews, but I cannot get over the experience I had with LBB! They were better than anyone could even dream of. I came in with 5 of my best friends, they immediately welcomed us with open arms, gave us chilled drinks, and an amazing food platter. Both the ladies that helped me with my dresses were so kind and made me feel at home. They made me feel comfortable and told me how beautiful I looked in every dress I tried on! They gave me a huge bundle of flowers and gave all of my bridesmaids a rose. I will recommend this place to everyone!! Do not go anywhere else!! This place has it all. Thank you guys again for being so amazing and making my experience a fairy-tale

Jazzmine A.

Missoula, MT

Everyone in the bridal shop and jewelry shop were so sweet and accommodating! Anything they could do to help, they did. I absolutely loved my dress shopping experience! Candi was amazing and made the whole experience fun and exciting and really listened to what I wanted. I highly recommend them!

Mary H.

Missoula, MT

Had a wonderful experience going through my wedding with last best bridal. These women really take care and go the extra step if needed. Tuxes were late and the owner drove an hour out of her way to hand deliver them.

Dani S.

Missoula, MT

I had the best experience looking for a dress here!! As soon as I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and heard. They were so accommodating and welcoming and truly made me feel so special. We got endless drinks and food (the tastiest little brownies and fresh pastries). The dresses are gorgeous. I had a lovely private dressing room and all the help I could want getting into the dresses. I was given great feed back from the staff without feeling pressured into any decisions. I got the whole "Say Yes to the Dress" experience while still enjoying the intimate, family feeling of the store. I would recommend this place to anyone!!

Hayley C.

Missoula, MT

Exceptional service!! From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with smiles, yummy snacks, refreshing drinks and undivided one on one attention from the staff! By far my favorite experience out of all the options in the area. And when I found my wedding dress (!!!!!!) the staff took the extra effort to celebrate with us and even gave me, the bride, a bouquet of flowers and the rest of my party each a rose! Last Best Bridal made my whole experience wedding dress shopping and I would highly recommend this place to anybody!!!

Jena B.

Missoula, MT

What an amazing experience! Brandy and her team know how to pamper you. They take the time to listen to what you're looking for and deliver. They know what they're doing when it comes to customer service. Thank you!!

Kyla S.

Missoula, MT

This was the best experience. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like the staff went completely above and beyond. They listened to exactly what I wanted and found me the perfect dress! They even made us lattes when my mom and I rushed in quickly before I had to work! I had the best time and would recommend to any bride!

Diane K.

Missoula, MT

This was the first Bridal place my daughter had scheduled an appointment with to try on dresses. They are very professional not pushy at all and made my daughter feel very excited for her special day. They did not rush her and helped her to try on all different styles of dresses. My daughter did find a dress! and I am very happy with the service that my daughter and her family received. I would recommend the Last Best Bridal Shop to any one who is looking for their dress or Tuxes for their special wedding day.

Nikolle D.

Missoula, MT

What an absolutely amazing experience! From the moment we walked in the door the ladies and gent have been so sweet!! Along with finding the perfect dress, the Last Best Bridal helped me surprise my mom in the most perfect way ...After all the dresses arrived we went in and did a surprise showing for my mom who had no idea ...it was absolutely perfect. Thank you !!! You are all so wonderful.

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